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1.How to Place Order ?
It is easy to place an order with XiongFei-Art.
1)Check our online gallery to find your favorite pictures and write down the item no.
 (Provided there's not one fit for your need, please send your pictures to us)
Sent email to us with the item no, size and quality level you expected for quotation.
2)We will reply you as soon as we get your inquiry.
An quotation will be sent out to you by mail with the estimated lead time.
3)You prepay us by our payment instruments.
4)Start the painting upon the payment confirmation.
5)Mail the finished painting. If you want, we will take the picture of the finished painting for your reference before delivery .
After some necessary adjustment on canvas, the paintings are sent out by courier service.
6)And then you will receive the paintings after 3 to 7 days.

2. What is the order placing procedure?
For oil painting reproductions, you can choose pictures from our online gallery and write down the item no. Just let me know your choice we will arrange your order upon receiving your payment. Your own
pictures are available.

3.Do you offer other paintings not displayed on your website ?
Sure. You can sent your preferred pictures by email to place order. Additionally, we can also paint oil
painting from any of your photographs. We could make it through the picture we get from you or your

4. What is the quality of your Oil Paintings?
Our oil painting reproductions have a wonderful quality. Yes, it is difficult to define art quality level
because it is a creation work by mind. The quality standard we pursue is to keep 100% same as the
original picture at any detail such as style, the depth of color, brush-stroke and texture. No machines or canvas-transfer techniques are used. Our trained artists start with a blank canvas and the hand-paint
the painting from start to finish using only the best oil paints and linen canvas. We understand all our
products are reproduction, so our artists are required not to express their own inspiration on our orders and not to change anything of original paintings.

5. How are the products shipped ?
To save the shipping cost and delivery time for our customers, we sent the paintings by International
express company such as DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT. The paintings are packed by cardboard postage tubes. The frames are shipped by sea line in container.

6. How long does it take for finishing our order ?
Usually it takes about 12 days with a little fluctuate by your ordering quantity.

7. What happens if I'm not satisfied ?
To make your order completely risk-free, in the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with your painting, you can return the painting to remake on free. you pay the shipping cost .

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